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Velvet Scrunchies

Velvet Scrunchies

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Velvet Scrunchies Pack

  • Set of 2 Velvet Scrunchies
  • Created with Soft yarn
  • Crochet scrunchies
  • Created with hair tie elastic
  • Knot is removable 
  • Not machine washable (Hand-wash Item Only)

Get that hair up and let your neck feel the breeze with a soft velvet scrunchie! This hair tie is made handmade crochet around a sturdy elastic hair tie. Now that doesn't mean pull it until it pops because it will pop if you try but this hair tie will put up a good fight. It is made from tough, stretchy elastic and reinforced. So don't worry about this hair tie having a loose grip, you can usually tie around twice depending on how thick your hair is! This unique accessory includes two velvet scrunchies of your choice. Lovely color options are available! There is bunny ear effect on these hair ties, but if you don't like it then you are able to remove it by undoing the bunny knot!

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