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Picture Jasper Dangle Earrings with feathers

Picture Jasper Dangle Earrings with feathers

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Picture Jasper Earrings

  • 1 Picture Jasper Stone
  • Length is approx 3 inches
  • 3 Long Metal Feathers
  • Circular Stylish Drop Earrings
  • 100% Sterling Silver Ear Wire

Step into a world where fashion meets the Earth's vibrant energy with Picture Jasper Earrings. These stunning accessories not only elevate your style but also channel the ancient wisdom of Mother Earth. Picture Jasper, known for its remarkable landscapes and patterns, is believed to possess powerful grounding and nurturing properties. As you adorn yourself with these captivating earrings, you'll feel a deep connection to nature and its transformative energy. Each pair of Picture Jasper Earrings tells a unique story, just like the Earth's ever-changing landscapes. Whether you're attending a special occasion or simply want to add a touch of natural elegance to your everyday look, these earrings are a perfect choice. Combining the beauty of nature with captivating design, Picture Jasper Earrings allow you to express your personal style while embracing the Earth's innate harmony. Discover the enchantment of Picture Jasper Earrings and let their timeless charm awaken the adventurer within you.

Picture Jasper has a unique and earthly design; which is why this stone is used during meditation and used to assist in releasing stress. When you look at this stone, it has various shades of brown and looks as if someone just pulled it out of the ground seconds before you saw it. The picture jasper stone is beautiful and pairs so well in this pair of creative earrings. The metal feathers dangle freely from these picture jasper earrings with little effort. The airy design is light weight and finished with 100% sterling silver ear wires. No need to worry about any tugging on your ears, just put them on and enjoy your day! 

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