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Lepidolite Half Circle Earrings

Lepidolite Half Circle Earrings

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Half Circle Dangle Earrings
  • Lepidolite earrings
  • Half circle design with a beautiful lepidolite crystal with textured metal circle
  • Sterling silver ear wire

Adorned with a luminous lepidolite, known as the "stone of peace," these earrings bring calming energy and emotional balance to your aura. Feel the soothing vibrations of this lavender gem as it whispers serenity with every sway. ‍♀️

The organic textures of the metal circle frame the lepidolite's beauty, reflecting your unique inner light. ✨ Crafted with genuine sterling silver ear wires, these earrings offer both comfort and timeless elegance.

More than just an accessory, these lepidolite earrings are a reminder to:

    • Embrace inner peace and emotional clarity.
    • Navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience.
    • Connect with your intuition and spiritual wisdom.

Treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of tranquility with these captivating earrings. ✨

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