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Fluorite Cowrie Shell Earrings

Fluorite Cowrie Shell Earrings

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  • 3 crochet rings at top
  • 3 to 4 Fluorite Chips of in the middle
  • Approx 2 inches in lenth (Some my be slightly longer due to cowrie shell size)
  • Hand picked Cowrie Shell at bottom; wrapped in Golden Wire.
  • Chic stone dangle drop earrings
  • 100% Sterling Silver ear wire plated with 14k gold

Cowrie Shell Earrings - Fluorite Earrings

 A lovely match of fluorite with gold is found in this pair of cowrie shell earrings! The hand wired cowrie shell has been wrapped with lovely golden wire up the shell. Which creates a beautiful one of a kind pair of shell earrings! The wire wrapping technique is the same but the cowrie shells come in various sizes, so no two pair of fluorite earrings will look identical. How lovely is that? These cowrie shell earrings are festive and very light weight. The purple and green stones of the fluorite compliments the cowrie shell to create a beautiful pair of sterling silver earrings. 

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