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Circle Amethyst Spike Earrings

Circle Amethyst Spike Earrings

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Amethyst spike Earrings

  •    Metal Boho flower for light weight design
  •    Spikes are handcrafted with crochet technique
  •    Sterling Silver Ear Wire
  •    Approx Length is 2 inches

The amethyst crystal is one that many people know about. This purple stone is sought after and arranged in many amethyst jewelry collections. So this pair of amethyst and feather earrings combines both elements to create a one of kind piece of jewelry. The spike statement hoop has an amethyst crystal showcased in this design elegantly. 

Amethyst Statement Circle Earrings

Purple and white come together with compliments of silver in this design. The 100% cotton threads have been crocheted to create a spike effect that is light weight and stunning. This is a true pair of amethyst statement earrings that will catch the attention of those around you and encourage generosity! This pair of Amethyst dangle earrings has a true Amethyst stone in them sourced to complete any crystal lovers dream pair of earrings.

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