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Celtic Knot Earrings

Celtic Knot Earrings

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Celtic Earrings

  • Hardened to hold shape
  • Approx 2 inches in length
  • 100% Sterling silver ear wire
  • 3 points on design
  • Light weight

Do you like handmade? Well even if you don't, this pair of Celtic designed earrings are very pretty. The light weight trinity earrings design has 3 points and creates an amazing twisted triangle. The tips of each point of this triangle are blunt and one point is connected to the sterling silver ear wire at the top. Now for these Irish knot earrings should not be worn near water because it has been hardened to hold it's shape and water breaks that hold. These trinity earrings have been created to represent the lovely Celtic knot and does so in a very handmade way!

Earrings should not be worn in water due to the nature of handmade; many of the earrings have been hardened to hold it's shape and water would resort in the earring becoming out of shape. 

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